Shitsong Cycles and Miscreant Chants: One

For your amusement I pluck baobab trees out of my eyeballs, grab 747s out of the baby-blue sky and  blow h-bomb kisses to memory mirages as you pine away on greyhound buses, last stop, last drop, smack your gumdrop, pop rocks, pitstops off the kentucky eye seventy-five seduction zone, last one on, ghost gone alone, piss rivers flow, hopeflowers born drowning in gutters, crybaby lakes and fashion snakes tighten around your gleaming last gasp kiss every asp disaster dream, force-fed ice cream and deep in the dead the dark the cold damage done, the stolen twins plotting a cabal of knots and gnarled wonders all through the barren winter, lovers made of wood petrified and smiling, penis bloodied, a harem of splinters– 


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